RECENT NEWSIn honor of finally having a release date for the Insted discography on vinyl we just added two shirt designs to the webstore... Insted "Bonds of Friendship" and "No Rules".

We a have a couple releases in the works that will see the light of day after the new year sometime. First up a 4 song EP from SS Warhead. A band made of Unbroken, Narrows, and Sparkmarker members playing a hardcore ala His Hereo is Gone. It will be a limited pressing of only 500 copies.

We will be releasing a vinyl/digital download re-issue of the previously CD only Sparkmarker compilation "Products & Accessories" which will be available on color vinyl double LP. Theses are some fantastic songs so we are really excited about having the opportunity to make these recordings available again.

Our Black Friday releases for this year are pressed and ready to go. Death By Stereo "Day of the Death" LP and both of The Suicide File releases, "Twilight" and "Some Mistakes" will be available for the first time in a decade, all are on a limited edition color.

Looking ahead to next year's record store day, we will be pressing a one-time only vinyl edition of the Indecision Records Split Series. Mostly exclusive tracks from Voorhees, Kill Your Idols, Death By Stereo, Ensign, Bane, Adamantium, Buried Alive, Reach the Sky, No Reply, Lifes Halt, Botch, and Nineironspitfire. This is not something we plan on keeping press so this pressing will be the one time it's available.

And there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel for one of the longest delayed Indecision release of all time. we will have a vinyl version of the Insted discography out this year, hopefully by the end of summer. It will include everything that was on the CD release as well as a digital copy of the release and a video documentary. We will have a mailorder only color so once everything is sent off to the plant, we'll put it up for pre-order.

OLDER NEWSMean Season "The Memory and I Still Suffer in Love" is available for the first time on vinyl. A double LP which contains all their studio work and is available on two different colors of vinyl, a red splatter and solid white (slightly rarer). Both colors are available in the store.

Another new EP from the Somali Pirates will be out in the next couple of weeks and will feature 5 brand new tracks. "Skeg City" will be available on colored vinyl as usual and the first EP "The Gold Collection" 7" is still available as well. Great stuff from former members of In Control, No Motiv, and Retaliate.

The Headfirst "The Complete Recordings: 1987 - 1992" triple LP is out and available in the store on Red vinyl. It includes both EPs, their LP, both demos, and two unreleased tracks that were slated for a Workshed compilation that never came out.

The Somali Pirates "The Gold Collection" 7" is out and available in the store on Yellow vinyl. 5 Great tracks from former members of In Control, No Motiv, and Retaliate.

The Beware the Idols "Adolescent Rebellion" 7" is out and available in the store on clear vinyl.

In addition to our $5 shirt sale (limited quantities of the listed designs which will not be re-printed) we have also added the Stand As One "Begin to Care" 7" to the online store. Very limited run which will sell out quickly so get one soon if you want one.

The Strife "Demo Days" 7" is up in the store and is shipping. This is a one-time pressing to commemorate the label's 20th Anniversary.

"Inside My Head, Black Meets Red"
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  Death March / Apocalypse Tribe
July, 2017
"Products & Accessories"
2 x LP
November 25, 2017
Manic Hispanic
"Volume One"
2 x LP
November 25, 2017
"Indecision 100"
November 25, 2017