NEWSThe 2017 RSD records are finally out. We have limited edition mailorder only colors for both releases that are available in the store as well as a repress of the Insted discography on red vinyl (we do still have some of the original first press left on the most limited color of green). Also, if you head over to RevHQ, there's a small exclusive mailorder only pressing on Rev Yellow. We also have a restock on the Bonds of Friendship shirt design as well.

The Death March / Apocalypse Tribe split 7" is at the pressing plant so it's just a matter of waiting at this point. As soon as we have them in stock they will be available, hopefully before our projected August street date. It's a cool project and we are psyched that we got a chance to work with some old friends in Rob Aston and Karl Buechner on it.

This year is Indecision's 25th anniversary (as well as the release of record number 100) and to mark the occasion we are doing a limited 5-track 10" EP release with some long lost tracks that for one reason or another never made onto any of our releases. Unreleased recordings from Throwdown, Over My Dead Body, Count Me Out, Death By Stereo, and Faded Grey. One-time pressing.

We will be releasing a vinyl/digital download re-issue of the previously CD only Sparkmarker compilation "Products & Accessories" which will be available on color vinyl double LP. Theses are some fantastic songs so we are really excited about having the opportunity to make these recordings available again. If all goes well it will be released for Black Friday this year.

"Inside My Head, Black Meets Red"
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IND90 Cover

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IND99 Death March / Apocalypse Tribe
August 2017
"Products & Accessories"
2 x LP
November 25, 2017
Indecision 100
"Lost Artifacts"
November 25, 2017