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Short. Loud. Heavy. Mildly-retarded.
In a time where posturing and general "douche-bagery" is at an all time high, Retaliate is a fresh breath of Oxnard air. Formed in the fall of 2002 as a side project for Zack of In Control, Retaliate quickly became a beast of its own, building up a core cult following in the Ventura County area. But after just a handful of shows, and a burlascious 4 song demo, Retaliate would have to wait on the sidelines while members honored their commitments to their other projects.
After hibernating for several years, Retaliate made their comeback in the fall of 2005. They were greeted with insane responses considering they had only put out a self released demo, which hadn’t been available for three years. It was then decided that Retaliate would no longer lurk in the shadows. After a handful of shows in 2005 & 2006, they entered the studio with longtime friend & engineer Roger Camero (The Warriors, No Motiv) and laid down 10 tracks which would become their debut release: Coup D’Etat.
Four years after the release of the original demo, on October 24th, 2006, Retaliate returns to release Coup D’Etat. No lives will be spared.

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Members also play in these Indecision bands:
In Control

"Coup D'Etat"
CD (2006)