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Sparked by a conversation in a parking lot somewhere deep in the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey in the Summer of 2006, Staring Problem was born. At an age when your peers stop stagediving and start rolling their eyes it's important to keep focus and remember what brought you here in the first place.

This is our collective way of giving back. We come from a varied history of past bands; some that went no where, some that took us around the world. It's important we all play our little part in the collective of hardcore/punk. We as hardcore/punk kids (or as in our case, adults, I guess) are still a threat to "their" status-quo that tries to tell us to grow-up, tuck in our shirts, and fall in line with the rest.  It's still, as cliché as it sounds, more than just music.

Kenz plays guitar. The other guy playing the other guitar is Andy. Sean plays bass when he's not painting things or drawing. Swank is the one who's screaming in your ear. C. Willis Billards plays the drums. We are Staring Problem.

Members also play in these Indecision bands:

Staring Problem
"You'll Always Be Sick"
LP/CD (2008)