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Jason Hampton - Vocals/Guitar
Chris Lisk - Bass
Kevin Panter - Drums

Out of the ashes of nothing in particular, not really a revival of anything, and not claiming allegiance to any stodgy point of view, The Third Degree is rather quite an original band in a rather rehashed market. They're punk, and aside from a rather healthy affinity towards skateboarding, their style of music is not geared toward some predefined mold, but is rather the logical result of three active participants in the Orange County, CA punk/hardcore scene whose rich history is known worldwide.

How active ask these participants you ask? How's this for a resume for these three. Current and past members of : Outspoken, Speak 714, Triceratops, Lost Generation, The Bastard Squad, Blackspot, Caste, The Suppression Swing, Collateral Damage, Chorus of Disapproval, The Piccolo Petes, and Mike V.& The Rats. Just to name a few.

After their debut EP they went on to record a full length entitled "Concrete Warriors" which was released by Livewire Records in 2000. They disbanded sometime in 2002 right around the same time that guitarist, Jason Hampton, formed "The Rats" with professional skateboarder Mike Vallely.

Timecode Entertaiment
video company that Lisk is partners in

Livewire Records
released their full length CD

Slow Gun Records
released their second 7"
the man who ran Finn Records who split released the EP

Members also play in these Indecision bands:
Mike V. & The Rats

The Third Degree
7"/CDep (1998)