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John, Ryan, Chris, Rob and Aram decided to write 4 songs in two hours.

Make of it what you will. Supergroup or Superflop, who gives a shit?! We don't either. EX of this and X of that, make this band what it is. Friendships and record collections you have only dreamed of is our influence of choice.

We're not here to challenge the empire, nail Jesus to a cross with black nail polish on our hands or create math-rock required songs to expand your horizons. We are here to do something that we like doing, and that is play hardcore. If you think it sucks, then please make sure your logins are in order, so you can share your discontent with the elite moderators of your favorite message boards.

John's current band

Aram's current band

Members also play in these Indecision bands:
Over My Dead Body
The Helm


The Vows
CDep (2006)