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From a band that boasts ex-members of Show of Hands and Amendment Eighteen you’d expect simplistic hardcore in it’s traditional format. Surprisingly though, what you expect is not even remotely close to what you will find in these eleven tracks. Lest we forget that the band also features an ex-member of Bleeding Through and you will soon find out that the influence is greatly felt. Technical, brutal yet melodic, full boar metal that sounds like it should be coming from the frozen wastelands of Sweden and not the sunny beaches of Orange County, California.

Members also play in these Indecision bands:
Bleeding Through
Cold War

Welcome To Your Life
"Let It Wash Away"
7" (2001)

Welcome To Your Life
"There Is No Turning Back"
CD (2002)

Indecision Video Vault
"Volume 1"
DVD (2002)