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We're always interested in hearing new bands.If you'd like to send a demo for us to check out, you can do so by sending it to our mailing address (which is located on our Contact page). Please include a contact mailing address as well as an email address and short bio if possible. We do ask that you DO NOT repeatedly email us asking if we got it, listened to it, or liked it. If we are interested we will definitely get in touch with you. If we are not interested please don't take offense. A lot of factors go into our choices in signings, timing usually being the most significant.

We get a lot of email asking for promotional items and unfortunately we can not afford to send stuff to everyone.

RADIO: Not every release will be serviced to radio. Those that are will be serviced by an outside agency as we no longer will be doing any sort of in house radio promotion. Please do not email us radio playlists or promo requests.

E-ZINES: By far the most popular requests that we receive. There is a lot of you out there and we would ultimately like to take care of all of you but that's just not going to happen. Email us with any general info about your site as well as a web address so that we can check it out. If you insist on telling us your hit count, save it, we'd rather know your unique visits count. That information is a lot more useful to us. We will get in contact with a yes/no, just give us a little time.

FANZINES: If you'd like to interview one of our bands and need contact information, check the Bands page. There should be all that information available for every band found there. Use our regular mailing address to send us sample copies of your zine to be considered for promo and advertising in the future.

We realize the spectrum of mailorder questions is big so we are not expecting this list to be applicable for everyone. But hopefully the combination of this and our Ordering Info page will be useful for some of our most common questions.

"I noticed you had some records in your Discography section that's not in your webstore, can I still order these?
No. If it's not in our regular catalog section that means it's out-of-press. The Discography is simply there for the collector nerds like ourselves who want to see how many were pressed on colored vinyl.

"Is there a phone number I can call to place an order?"
There is not, all mailorder is done through out webstore only.

"Do you guys sell or trade test pressings of any of your records?"

"Would your guys be interested in trading colored vinyl for nude pictures of my older sister and her friends?"
No.....mmmm....well, send us a sample first and we'll let you know.

"Can I order multiple copies of a particular record and get them all on color?"
For the most part, yes. We are not going to send 20 copies all on color but a few copies, no problem.

"What releases do you still have on colored vinyl?"
Whatever is available in the webstore is what we have.

"I am from Indonesia, can you send me free music and shirts?"
No. Please stop emailing us about this. We can not afford to send you anything. Sorry.

"Can you email me all the lyrics to a particular record?"
No. All our records come with lyrics.

We are not a distro. We can not buy anyone else's releases or trade for some of our own. We currently do not have the means to do so. Sorry. All of our major distributers and stores are currently handled by our exclusive distributer Revelation Distribution, most questions can be fielded better by them than us directly.

To a small degree we do deal direct with small show distros and the like, so feel free to get in contact with any inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Colored Vinyl Discography

All mail (including demo submissions, promotional requests, etc) can be directed to our mailing address:

P.O. Box 6052
Garden Grove, CA 92846


Before you email us with any questions, please read our F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions). We get overwhelmed with email at times so please be patient if we can't respond to your email right away.