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Adamantium Molotov Solution When It Rains, It Pours 3.8M
Adamantium Within A Dream From the Depths of Depression 3.4M
Adamantium Funeral of Silence Traditions 2.6M
Automatic Kings and Queens Crossing Kill Creek 2.5M
Beware the Idols This Could Be The End Adolescent Rebellion 2.5M
Bleeding Through Rise Portrait of the Goddess 1.9M
Cold War Bombs Away From Russia With Love 4.6M
Cold War Bloodrush Espionage Made Easy 2.1M
Count Me Out Best of Me 110 1.4M
Count Me Out Stakes Is High Permanent 1.9M
Creep Division Ain't Worth Shit Creep Division 1.0M
Death By Stereo Looking Out For #1 If Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die 2.1M
End to End None For All Dedicated to the Emotion 1.1M
Ensign Revolutions End Direction of Things to Come 1.1M
Eyelid Invention of Hope Conflicts Invitation 3.0M
Eyelid Regenerate If It Kills 2.2M
Faded Grey The New Crusades A Quiet Time of Desperation 2.3M
Final Word Something to Prove Fools Like You 2.1M
Force of Change The Fire Still Burns The Fire Still Burns 1.7M
Headfirst Stand The Complete Recordings: 1987-1992 3.3M
The Helm Double-Blind Grim Harvest 2.4M
In Control Another Year Another Year 1.2M
In Control The Truth Hurts The Truth Hurts 1.5M
Insted Not For Me Proud Youth: 1986-1991 1.8M
Kill the Messenger Up All the Angels Crash and Burn 1.7M
The Lost Moment to Moment Hidden Beneath the Shadows of Fear 2.8M
Mean Season Pilgrim The Memory and I Still Suffer in Love 2.9M
Mike V. & The Rats Viewpoint Mike V. & The Rats 2.1M
Nineironspitfire Read Between the Lines Seventh Soul Sacrificed 3.3M
Outspoken Shadow Spotlight 3.1M
Over My Dead Body Dead Alive Sink or Swim 1.0M
Over My Dead Body Be There No Runners 1.0M
Precious Head Down Unravelings 7.4M
The Promise Pity For None Believer 1.7M
Pushed Aside Locked Out s/t 2.9M
Resist We Want Our Wold Back We Want Our World Back 2.3M
Retaliate For No One Coup D-Etat 1.2M
Retaliate Born Alone Die Alon We Are One 1.2M
Somali Pirates Don't Make No Sense The Gold Collection 2.0M
Sparkmarker Speaking of Hereos Products & Accessories 5.5M
Staring Problem Unreleased Sons You'll Always Be Sick 2.7M
Stay Gold Quiet Please Caught Up In The Moment 2.8M
Stay Gold Never Sleep Alone Pills and Advice 2.5M
Still Crossed Bloodwork Love and Betrayal 1.3M
The Suicide File The Somme Some Mistakes You Never Stop Paying For 1.3M
The Suicide File Laramie Twilight 1.4M
Throwdown Trust You Don't Have to be Blood to be Family 4.1M
Throwdown No One Beyond Repair 2.1M
Time Flies High Fives and Stagedives Can't Change the Past 1.7M
Time Flies Hollow Inside On Our Way 2.4M
Unbroken Absentee Debate Re-Issue Re-Package Re-Evaluate the Songs 2.8M
Unbroken D4 The Death of True Spirit 2.7M
Undertow At Both Ends Everything 2.3M
Unity Breaking Through You Are One 1.6M
Unrestrained Get Rid of 'Im Inside My Head, Black Meets Red 4.5M
The Vows Back From the Deads s/t 1.6M
Welcome To Your Life Forgive But Never Forget There Is No Turning Back 4.2M
When Tigers Fight I'm Sorry When Tigers Fight 2.3M
When Tigers Fight No Way Ghost Story 2.5M
Zombie Apocalypse Bastard Shit Bastard This Day Is A Spark of Life 1.0M
Rod of Correction
12" / CD
April 20, 2018
Bleeding Through
"Portrait of the Goddess"
April 20, 2018
Manic Hispanic
"The Menudo Incident"
May 5, 2018
"Meet is Murder"
Summer 2018
"Sick Rooms"
Summer 2018
Hard Stance
Summer 2018

Rats in the Wall
7" / Cass / CD

IND99 Lost Artifacts
"Indecision 100"
IND99 Sparkmarker
"Products & Accessories"
IND99 Death March / Apocalypse Tribe